Nandankanan was dedicated to the publicon 29 December 1960

Nandankanan Zoological Park was dedicated to the publicon 29 December 1960, is set in a beautiful natural setting, and is one of the finest parks in the country. Unlike conventionalor regular zoos, Nandankanan spreads overa large expanse of undulating topography, where the natural moist deciduous forestis still intact. Most of the animals, birdsand reptiles live in open, large moatedareas surrounded vegetation and the undulating terrain.

This helps the inhabitants of the zoo to live in a habitat close totheir natural one and also helps in makingit more and more natural. The white tiger safari, the first of its kind in the world,spread over an area of 12 Hectare; a Lion Safari of 20 Hectare, Bear Safari and Herbivore safari are four largefacilities that make a visit to the park more interesting.

In its 57 years of existence, the park has successfully bred many of the endangered species like tiger, leopard, Asiatic lion, the three Indian crocodilians, Brow - antlered deer, Lion-tailed macaque,Nilgiri Langur, Indian pangolin, Mouse Deer, ratel and many land and water birds. It has the distinction of being the host Zoo in the world for captive breeding of white tiger out of normal colored parent's independent of Rewa origin as well as for first ever captive breeding of Gharialin the year 1980. The zoo has successfully bred many white tigers and some of them have gone to various zoos within India and outside Nandankanan was born on 29 th December, 1960.