literally meaning "The Garden of Heaven"

  • Kanjia Lake spreads over 66 ha area and is the principal source of water.
  • It is declared as a ‘Wetland of National Importance’ in the year 2006 by MoEF.
  • Floral Diversity consists of 10 spp. of sub-merged macrophytes, 14 spp. of floating macrophytes and 24 spp. of emergent macrophytes.
  • The faunal diversity of Kanjia Lake includes 39 spp. of avi-fauna (more than 5100 birds recorded during 2009-10), 14 spp. of Reptiles (includes snakes, tortoises, lizards), 10 spp. of Amphibians, 46 spp. of fish fauna and 3 spp. of prawns.
  • The management intervention includes water quality monitoring, Wetland education, Weed Control, Improvement of Inlet, etc.
  • kanjia Lake
  • kanjia Lake