literally meaning "The Garden of Heaven"

Streblus asper Lour.

Vernacular Name: Sahada, Sahara (O); Shiora, Sehora (Beng,H); Siamese rough bush (E).

Small tree; bark rough, light grey. Leaves very shortly petioled, obovate or rhombic- elliptic, obscurely toothed, acute, subacute or acuminate, stiff, scabrid on both sides, secondary nerves 7-9. Male heads on 1-3-nate peduncles, stamens whitish, exceeding the perianths. Female flowers with 2-3 imbricating bracts. Fruit yellow, succulent, globose.
Very common in scrub forests, waste lands, near water bodies and in hedges.
Flowering : March - April
Fruiting : May - June