literally meaning "The Garden of Heaven"

Peltophorum pterocarpum (DC.) Backer ex K. Heyne [Syn: Peltophorum ferrugineum (Decne) Bentk.]

Vernacular Name: Radhachuda (O); Pila Gulmohar (H); Golden Flamboyant, Copperpod (E)

Medium-sised dark-foliaged tree; branchlets rusty-tomentose. Leaves evenly bipinnate; stipules fugacious; leaflets opposite, 20-30, close, oblong, emarginated, base oblique. Flowers showy, yellow, in axillary and terminal panicled rusty-tomentose racemes. Calyx-tube short, lobes reflexed; petals 5, spreading, ovate- orbicular. Pods shortly stalked, oblong, margins wing-like, indehiscent; seeds usually 3, brown, oblong.
Frequently planted in parks, gardens, wastelands and also as an avenue plant.
Flowering : March - May
Fruiting : April - December.