literally meaning "The Garden of Heaven"

Pterospermum xylocarpum Pterospermum xylocarpum (Gaertn.) Sant & Wagk (Syn: Pterospermum heyneanum Wall. ex Wt. & Arn.)

Vernacular Name: Giringa (O).

Medium-sised evergreen tree; young parts rusty stellate-tomentose. Leaves oblong, oblong-ovate, sub-cordate, margin distantly dentate or lobed, rarely entire, thick, coriaceous, white tomentose beneath with raised brown nervation. Flowers white, fragrant; sepals oblong, rusty tomentose wiithout, white villous within; petals oblanceolate, with white stellate pubescence. Capsule pyriform, woody, obtusely 5-angled, rusty stellate- tomentose, apiculate; seeds orbicular, compressed with broad wings.

Very common in mixed forests, characteristic of sandstone hills.

Flowering : October - December
Fruiting : April - May