literally meaning "The Garden of Heaven"

Grewia subinaequalis DC. (Syn: Grewia asiatica anct. non. Linn.)

Vernacular Name: Pharsa koli (O); Phalsa (H, Beng.).

Small tree or shrub; branchlets tomentose. Leaves broadly ovate or suborbicular, sometimes slightly lobed, serrate, obtuse, base 5-7-nerved, tomentose when young, mature leaves whitish beneath. Peduncles several, usually exceeding the petioles. Flowers large, in axillary clusters; buds cylindric or elevate, ribbed; sepals stellately pubescent or tomentose. Drupe red or purple, pyrenes 1-2-celled.

Occasional in dry deciduous forests; often planted in gardens for its edible fruits.

Flowering : April - May
Fruiting : June - July