literally meaning "The Garden of Heaven"

Lannea coromandelica (Houtt.) Merr. (Syn: Odina wodier Roxb.)

Vernacular Name: Mahi, Raj-mahi, Jia (O); Jhingan Mohin (H); Jeol (Beng.).

Small to moderate-sised tree. Branchlets, leaves and inflorescences stellate hairy. Leaves clustered at the ends of thick branchlets. Leaflets 5-9 or more, ovate or ovate-oblong, acuminate, oblique at base, puberulous beneath. Flowers small, yellowish green. Drupes red, curved, oblong, compressed.
Fairy common in sandstone hills and degraded scrub jungles.
Flowering : March - April
Fruiting : April - June