literally meaning "The Garden of Heaven"

Holarrhena pubescens (Buck.-Ham.) Wall. ex G. Don (Syn: Holarrhena antidysenterica Wall. ex A. DC.)

Vernacular Name: Pitakorua, Pitakuruchi, Kuruchi, Indrajala (O); Khurchi (H).

Large shrub or small tree, with milky latex; bark thick, smooth. Leaves elliptic, ovate or elliptic-oblong, acute to acuminate, glabrous or pubescent, base acute to obtuse or rounded. Flowers white, fragrant, in terminal or axillary corymbose cymes. Follicles slender, divaricate, lenticellate.
Fairly abundant in waste places, roadsides and forests.
Flowering : May - July
Fruiting : October - February