literally meaning "The Garden of Heaven"

Murraya paniculata (Linn.) Jacq. (Syn: Murraya exotica Linn.)

Vernacular Name: Kamini (O, Beng.,H); Orange Jessamine (E).

Shrub or small tree. Leaves dark-green, gland-dotted; leaflets 3-9, atlternate, ovate-elliptic, or rhomboid, terminal one the largest, glabrous, shining. Flowers white, fragrant, in few-flowered axillary or terminal cymes; petals oblong- lanceolate or elliptic, subobtuse; ovary 2- celled. Berry red or yellow, ellipsoid, apiculate, 1-2-seeded, seated on the persistent calyx.

Frequent in hill forests; commonly cultivated in gardens.

Flowering : April - July
Fruiting : December - January