literally meaning "The Garden of Heaven"

Ficus benghalensis Linn.

Vernacular Name: Bara, Bata (O); Bar (Beng.,H); Bargad, Bargat (H); Banyan Tree (E).

Large tree, epiphytic when young; branches sending down roots which form into accessory trunks. Leaves approximate near the ends of the branchlets, ovate to elliptic, coriaceous, young softly pubescent and often reddish, base rounded or subcordate. Figs sessile, in pairs, globose or subglobose, scarlet when ripe.
Fairly common but sparsely distributed in forests, scrub jungles, village commons and also planted in temple premises, road sides etc.
Flowering : Through out the years; figs
& Fruiting ripening in April-June.