literally meaning "The Garden of Heaven"

Ervatamia divaricata (Linn.) Burkill [Tabernaemontana divaricata (Linn.) R. Br. ex Roem. & Sckult.; Tabernaemontana coronaria (Jacq.) Willd.]

Vernacular Name: Tagara, Tarata (O); Tagar (Beng.,H); East Indian Rosebay (E).

Shrub or small tree, with milky latex. Leaves oblong-oblanceolate or elliptic- oblong, unequal, acuminate or caudate, glabrous, shining above. Flowers white, fragrant, in axillary and terminal cymes; corolla slender, tubular. Follicles spreading and recurved, 3-7-ribbed, red or orange inside.
Very commonly grown in gardens, parks, temple premises and roadsides.
Flowering : Through out the year.
Fruiting : No fruiting in plains, bears fruits in hills.